Every company needs someone to invest in them. This is especially vital when the company is just starting out. If you brand does not have this type of money, the odds of making it are reduce by a very large percent.

How does someone get a venture capitalist to be interested in his or her brand?

1) You need to be offering this person a great deal of compensation. I am not talking about money compensation either. There are lots of products and brands on the market. They are all competing for the same place. You have to be offering something that no one else is.

Venture capitalists like Jason Hope normally put up lots of money. Your brand needs to justify this investment in a big way. Your brand needs to be more than just unique. Your brand needs to be something that no one else is doing or offering. In other words, your brand needs to be something that is not easily duplicated anywhere else. If you can sell the idea on this pitch, it will make it easier for you to get the money.

2) These guys are really smart, especially when it comes to companies just starting out. You really need to put your best foot forward. You need the knowledge to back up your experience.

The best way to hit things out of the ballpark is by looking into the value proposition aspect. If you can hit home on this idea, you will have nailed the second part of the process. Very few people know how to do this. Learn how to do this.

3) You need to show the VC that your product is worth taking a chance on. You have to prove to them that you have the clients money to back it up. You really have to be forward thinking with this. You have to be thinking ahead on so many levels with this.

Show the guy/girl that your product is something that the public needs/wants. This is where you really have to prove yourself. This is where you have to hint at traction. Show the person that supply and demand are going to be equal on both sides of the coin.

4) One last thing you need is a team already in place. This means you have to start looking around for people in the beginning stages. Why do you need this?

You need to show confidence in your product. You need to show confidence in yourself. If you prove that your brand already some sort of backing, this will make it easier for the guy/girl to make the choice.

if the venture capitalist sees you have people looking to get a return, he or she will see your brand is worth taking a chance on.


Looking for someone to make this type of investment is never an easy thing. It requires lots of planning. It requires lots of convincing on your part. This is where the confidence comes into play. This is your chance to step up to the plate, showing the person what you are made of.

The more you show how confident you really are, the easier it will be to make the sell. It’s an act of selling in some ways. If you are not good at selling, you need to learn the art. This is your brand. No one is going to be able to sell it like you.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to sell your brand like never before.